Fwah! Es beginnt! Il commence!

Years ago I had a blog on livejournal, before the Russkies owned it.  While I quail to go over to see it now, it must be said, that place doctored up the greatest event of my life — I met my wife through there.  And now we have a son.  So…  lj gave me my family.  (Not an official widget.)

Since then I’ve tried various Blogger blogs, blogs via blogger, Blogger-begotted blogs, and blogs begotten and besotten by Blogger.  After realizing I had not one, but two, abandoned attempts at cultural-whatsit-thoughts-whosits, the last dormant since 2010, I tried logging in to the one I started last year expressly meant to post thoughts on a certain website’s list of top short stories ever.  Which got derailed by a great instructor in a writing workshop (who had us cover published works in class) and then our son born eight weeks early.

I can get into the first two blogs.  The last one, not so much.  The one I actually want to use.  Then, after posting on the more recent old, dormant ones, I find the Blogger tools way fussy on this computer.  So, eh… WordPress?

With irritating I see I cannot post back-dated entries, the way I could in the LJ days.  The thought had been to import all those old posts.

Here are the links to those blogs:

Congressman Lenny Wick

Wickerman and Wickerman

and the writing/critique blog, where I discuss short stories by Michael Cunningham, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and J.G. Ballard — Blogspot’s Wickepedia

The Wick/Wickerman/ Lenny Wick thing dates back to an imagined nom de plume I would have adopted had I ever fallen face first into decent writing.  More like, uh…  nom de spume, so far, but I’ll hang on to it for now.


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