Ballard/Jarry, JFK, Blown Away

J.G. Ballard’s “The Assassination of John Fitzerald Kennedy Considered As A Downhill Motor Race” set alongside Alfred Jarry’s “The Crucifixion Considered As An Uphill Bicycle Race”.

I’ve considered Ballard’s piece cute as hell in conception, a little trying in execution – there’s a demand to be pat, or witty, at the end, and he doesn’t pull it off.  Now I see it’s a response to the Jarry, which deepens it, if mostly the idea of Ballard reading Jarry.  It seems incongruous, weirdly.  The Jarry is brilliant.  I think doing this with the religio-spiritual works in a way doing it with the political does not.  It slashes against the rigidity of the world and its ways and shows it as absurd.  Jarry gets an A.


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