Monthly Archives: March 2014

[Posting this, as nobody on Facebook would give a damn.  I’m curious to see if I’m generally correct.]

I don’t mean to suggest I know more than some of these guys, but sometimes they come off as morons and I wonder why they ever had positions of power.  But then, he was a Bush advisor, and I’m not sure those guys were even close to correct about anything.  More aggressive response in the Georgia/South Ossetia situation would have been completely wrong (thank God we didn’t).  I don’t think we need Russia for the Syria situation (possibly) or Iran (definitely).  And for the life of me I don’t know why Russia is necessary in the slightest in getting equipment out of Afghanistan — does he not realize Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, etc., all are between the two countries?? 

These people constantly — constantly — overrate Russia’s power.  They’re tumbling into the historical backwater they’ve long been.  Putin is looking, to me, very weak right now.  But whatever it takes to try to undermine our leadership, I guess, even foolish statements.